Now that you have seen the Oscars check out the awards everyone in Hollywood is clamoring for...The Lowered Expectations Movie Awards!!

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Does Last Jedi live up to the hype or has Star Wars lost it's magic?  Tune in and check out our review!

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Check out our review of the Justice League.  Is it just DC's version of the Avengers or something more?  Tune in to find out!

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This week the Agents discuss McKenna's reasons for not watching Mayweather vs McGregor and her distaste for combat sports.  And of course we dive into the season 7 finale of GoT!  Little Finger finds himself on the wrong end of a dagger, Cercei finally meets Dany, Dany and Jon consummate their relationship and best of all the White Walker dragon!

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This week the Agents discuss the Eclipse and the latest GoT episode Beyond the Wall.  Jon leads the Magnificent 7 and 6 randos beyond the wall to capture a Wight, one of Dany's dragons has an unfortunate meeting with the Night King and Jon bends a knee.

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This week the Agents dive into GoT S07E05 Eastwatch.  Dany has a Tarley BBQ, Jon does some more brooding, Arya and Little Finger engage in a game of Cat and Mouse, Jamie is going to be a Daddy/Uncle and a GoT all star team will try to capture a White Walker!

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This week the Agent's dive into one of the most exciting episodes of the GoT series.  Arya returns to Winterfell, bringing 3 of the Stark children together.  Jon discovers a mysterious cave while mining Dragon Glass. And Dany, with the Dothraki army and a single dragon, turn the tide of the war.

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This week the Agents discuss the latest GoT episode.  Dany and Jon finally meet!!! What the hell was up with Cersei's lipstick and should Jaime get tested?  Johanna shares some highlights from the A Tribe Called Quest and Nine Inch Nails concert.  Joe gives a quick spoiler free review of Atomic Blonde.

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This week the Agents discuss SDCC trailers (Thor, Justice League, etc.), Phelps vs Shark (Nuff Said!!) and GoT S07E02.  Oh, almost forgot SQUIRREL ATTACKS!!  This is not a joke!  Tune in and check it out.

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Game of Thrones is back and the Agents are here to cover it!  GoT S07E01 - Dragonstone starts where season 6 left off and brings us up to date on all our favorite characters as well as a special cameo.

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