This week the Agents discuss Johanna's bus adventure, GoT S7; Winter is finally coming this summer!  Are Life and the upcoming Venom movie connected?  There's a new muppet on Sesame Street named Julia; why is she so special?  TWD, does Negan stand a chance against Rosita and Sasha? 

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On today's special AoH At the movies, Malik & Joe welcome longtime listener Justin to the podcast to give his review on 2017 latest blockbuster releases, Kong: Skull Island and Logan!

What did we think of both films? Are they worth the time and money?  Check it out as the guys go through the likes and dislikes for both films..


SPOILER ALERT!!! A ton of movie details in this review so...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!

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At least 1 agent is looking forward to the live action Beauty and the Beast.  There is Disney's first openly gay character; FINALLY!  Kong is back with a VENGEANCE....hopefully.  TWD "Say Yes", Michonne definitely did a lot of that!

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The Agents discuss the Steve Harvey Oscar moment, remember Bill Paxton, Get Out mini-review and the latest episode of TWD.

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This week we discuss the Batman Lego movie, new TV show spin offs and reboots , the Best Picture nominees we haven't seen, movies that make you cry and the latest TWD ep.

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AoH Weekly 2/16/17

 This week we discuss Valentine's Day, ask why do women get so dressed up for concerts, the Grammys and the eagerly anticipated return of TWD (why is it so slow!).

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AoH Weekly 2/8/17

This week we discuss the underwhelming Super Bowl Commercials, Lady Gaga, the upcoming Grammy tribute to Prince and George Michael, 24 Legacy and Iron Fist.  Tune in!!

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AoH Weekly 1/25/17

This week we discuss possible meanings of "The Last Jedi", a new X-Men series, Trump, the new XXX movie and Dra-Lo.

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Ep 82:  The HELM Awards 2016

2017 is here so that means it's time for the Agents to hand out the Helmies!!!  We will select the best and worst Movies, Music and TV Shows of 2016.  We'll also touch on some of the disappointments and shockers of 2016.

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Ep 81: The Lust Show

In latest installment of Johanna's "Seven Deadly Sins" series, the Agents and special guest erotica author Delilah Night talk all things lust. We break down our favorite sex scenes and euphemisms (Slytherin in the...what?), and Delilah talks about all things erotica, including some exciting projects on the way. Be sure to check out the erotica anthology "Coming Together: Under the Mistletoe", available now on Amazon, as well as "Capturing the Moment," Delilah's solo work. You can also find her at

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