This week the Agents review the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  In the sequel Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians face a new threat to the Galaxy far more dangerous than Ronan. Tune in and check out the review! 

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Joe and Malik review the latest installment to the Fast and Furious franchise; Fate of the Furious.  Betrayal, fast cars and a submarine; Fate has it all! But is it worth the price of admission?  Check out our review and decide for yourself.

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This week on AoH the Agents discuss the casting of Cable for Deadpool 2, The Last Jedi trailer, WWE's jump into the superhero movie genre with Sleight, the latest news on Black Panther and missing Charlie Murphy.

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This week the agents discuss the United airlines fiasco, Vin vs The Rock Fate of the Furious feud, the awesome Thor: Ragnarok teaser and Malik breaks down Ghost in the Shell.



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Listen to AoH as we discuss the Rogue One sequel April Fools fiasco, DCU announces the Batgirl movie, The Purge is coming to a TV near you and the TWD season 7 Finale! 

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The ladies finally saw Logan, Joe saw Split, Malik was late and has an issue with Ketchup packets!  The new Justice League and Spider Man: Homecoming trailers were released; are you hyped?  

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This week the Agents discuss Johanna's bus adventure, GoT S7; Winter is finally coming this summer!  Are Life and the upcoming Venom movie connected?  There's a new muppet on Sesame Street named Julia; why is she so special?  TWD, does Negan stand a chance against Rosita and Sasha? 

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On today's special AoH At the movies, Malik & Joe welcome longtime listener Justin to the podcast to give his review on 2017 latest blockbuster releases, Kong: Skull Island and Logan!

What did we think of both films? Are they worth the time and money?  Check it out as the guys go through the likes and dislikes for both films..


SPOILER ALERT!!! A ton of movie details in this review so...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!

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At least 1 agent is looking forward to the live action Beauty and the Beast.  There is Disney's first openly gay character; FINALLY!  Kong is back with a VENGEANCE....hopefully.  TWD "Say Yes", Michonne definitely did a lot of that!

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The Agents discuss the Steve Harvey Oscar moment, remember Bill Paxton, Get Out mini-review and the latest episode of TWD.

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