This episode we review Overlord.  The latest action, horror/thriller produced by JJ Abrams. 

Direct download: Overlord_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 1:01am EST

Join us as we discuss Justin's obsession with WWE2K19, Malik's issue with professional cosplayers, Off Girl the new comic Joe picked up at NY Comic Con and the review of Tom Hardy's second effort at playing a comic book character in VENOM.

Direct download: Venom_Review_v2.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 10:51pm EST

This week Justin returns, Shazam and Godzilla trailers premiere, the Rock does his best John McClane imitation and Denzel shows us why some action stars just age like a fine wine.  Is Skyscraper this generation's Die Hard?  Does Equalizer 2 top it's predecessor?  Take a listen and find out!

Direct download: Equalizer_Skyscraper_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 12:42am EST

Thanos has faded out Justin for the week so Malik and Joe must rescue the show!  This week we discuss Jamie Foxx as the new Spawn, Joaquin Phoenix set to play the Joker as well as take on Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Direct download: Ant_Man_Wasp_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 12:22am EST

The Merc with a mouth returns in this very anticipated sequel.  Great news for those parents afraid to bring their kids, this is a family movie.  Yes, Deadpool is looking for a family, but what Deadpool finds is a troubled boy with a time traveling soldier trying to kill him.  If the plot sounds familiar you’re wrong! There’s no way Deadpool would steal a plot!

Direct download: Deadpool_2_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 11:30pm EST

We finally saw Avengers: Infinity War and can't stop talking about it!  We cover everything from the explosive beginning to the surprise ending.  We also answer the age old question of who is a better father, Thanos or Darth Vader?  Want the answer, tune in and find out.


Direct download: Infinity_War_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 10:44pm EST

The Lowered Expectations crew returns to review Spielberg's film Ready Player One.  Topics include Likes/Dislikes, Book vs Movie and a little bit of trivia.

We also dive into the latest trailer of Jason Statham's shark epic MEG.  As well as expectations of the new Cobra Kai-The Karate Kid Saga Continues YouTube Red series will it STRIKE FIRST, STRIKE HARD and have NO MERCY!


Direct download: Ready_Player_One_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 11:05pm EST

The Lowered Expectations crew finally got the opportunity to review this year's biggest movie Black Panther.  The world loves Black Panther, but does Justin? 

The LE crew also discuss the Rock's latest trailer Skyscraper aka Die Hard with one leg!

Direct download: Black_Panther_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 1:30am EST

Now that you have seen the Oscars check out the awards everyone in Hollywood is clamoring for...The Lowered Expectations Movie Awards!!

Direct download: Best_of_2017.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 12:18am EST

Does Last Jedi live up to the hype or has Star Wars lost it's magic?  Tune in and check out our review!

Direct download: LE2_-_Star_Wars_VIII_Review_FINAL.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 9:44pm EST

Check out our review of the Justice League.  Is it just DC's version of the Avengers or something more?  Tune in to find out!

Direct download: LE1-Justice_League_Review_FINAL.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 9:17pm EST

This week the Agents discuss McKenna's reasons for not watching Mayweather vs McGregor and her distaste for combat sports.  And of course we dive into the season 7 finale of GoT!  Little Finger finds himself on the wrong end of a dagger, Cercei finally meets Dany, Dany and Jon consummate their relationship and best of all the White Walker dragon!

Direct download: Weekly_20170829.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 10:20pm EST

This week the Agents discuss the Eclipse and the latest GoT episode Beyond the Wall.  Jon leads the Magnificent 7 and 6 randos beyond the wall to capture a Wight, one of Dany's dragons has an unfortunate meeting with the Night King and Jon bends a knee.

Direct download: Weekly_20170823.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:09am EST

This week the Agents dive into GoT S07E05 Eastwatch.  Dany has a Tarley BBQ, Jon does some more brooding, Arya and Little Finger engage in a game of Cat and Mouse, Jamie is going to be a Daddy/Uncle and a GoT all star team will try to capture a White Walker!

Direct download: Weekly_20170815.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 10:37pm EST

This week the Agent's dive into one of the most exciting episodes of the GoT series.  Arya returns to Winterfell, bringing 3 of the Stark children together.  Jon discovers a mysterious cave while mining Dragon Glass. And Dany, with the Dothraki army and a single dragon, turn the tide of the war.

Direct download: Weekly_20170808.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 12:45am EST

This week the Agents discuss the latest GoT episode.  Dany and Jon finally meet!!! What the hell was up with Cersei's lipstick and should Jaime get tested?  Johanna shares some highlights from the A Tribe Called Quest and Nine Inch Nails concert.  Joe gives a quick spoiler free review of Atomic Blonde.

Direct download: Weekly_20170802.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:59am EST

This week the Agents discuss SDCC trailers (Thor, Justice League, etc.), Phelps vs Shark (Nuff Said!!) and GoT S07E02.  Oh, almost forgot SQUIRREL ATTACKS!!  This is not a joke!  Tune in and check it out.

Direct download: Weekly_20170725.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 10:57pm EST

Game of Thrones is back and the Agents are here to cover it!  GoT S07E01 - Dragonstone starts where season 6 left off and brings us up to date on all our favorite characters as well as a special cameo.

Direct download: Weekly_20170718.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 10:35pm EST

This week the Agents review the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  In the sequel Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians face a new threat to the Galaxy far more dangerous than Ronan. Tune in and check out the review! 

Direct download: AoH_at_the_Movies.GotG2.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 9:43pm EST

Joe and Malik review the latest installment to the Fast and Furious franchise; Fate of the Furious.  Betrayal, fast cars and a submarine; Fate has it all! But is it worth the price of admission?  Check out our review and decide for yourself.

Direct download: AoH_at_the_Movies.FF8.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 11:55pm EST

This week on AoH the Agents discuss the casting of Cable for Deadpool 2, The Last Jedi trailer, WWE's jump into the superhero movie genre with Sleight, the latest news on Black Panther and missing Charlie Murphy.

Direct download: Weekly_20170419.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:06pm EST

This week the agents discuss the United airlines fiasco, Vin vs The Rock Fate of the Furious feud, the awesome Thor: Ragnarok teaser and Malik breaks down Ghost in the Shell.



Direct download: Weekly_20170413.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:13pm EST

Listen to AoH as we discuss the Rogue One sequel April Fools fiasco, DCU announces the Batgirl movie, The Purge is coming to a TV near you and the TWD season 7 Finale! 

Direct download: Weekly_20170406.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:07am EST

The ladies finally saw Logan, Joe saw Split, Malik was late and has an issue with Ketchup packets!  The new Justice League and Spider Man: Homecoming trailers were released; are you hyped?  

Direct download: Weekly_20170330.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 10:35pm EST

This week the Agents discuss Johanna's bus adventure, GoT S7; Winter is finally coming this summer!  Are Life and the upcoming Venom movie connected?  There's a new muppet on Sesame Street named Julia; why is she so special?  TWD, does Negan stand a chance against Rosita and Sasha? 

Direct download: Weekly_20170323.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:39am EST

On today's special AoH At the movies, Malik & Joe welcome longtime listener Justin to the podcast to give his review on 2017 latest blockbuster releases, Kong: Skull Island and Logan!

What did we think of both films? Are they worth the time and money?  Check it out as the guys go through the likes and dislikes for both films..


SPOILER ALERT!!! A ton of movie details in this review so...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!

Direct download: Logan-Kong_Review2.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 11:55am EST

At least 1 agent is looking forward to the live action Beauty and the Beast.  There is Disney's first openly gay character; FINALLY!  Kong is back with a VENGEANCE....hopefully.  TWD "Say Yes", Michonne definitely did a lot of that!

Direct download: Weekly_20170308.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:57pm EST

The Agents discuss the Steve Harvey Oscar moment, remember Bill Paxton, Get Out mini-review and the latest episode of TWD.

Direct download: Weekly_20170301.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 11:08pm EST

This week we discuss the Batman Lego movie, new TV show spin offs and reboots , the Best Picture nominees we haven't seen, movies that make you cry and the latest TWD ep.

Direct download: Weekly_20170224.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 2:22am EST

AoH Weekly 2/16/17

 This week we discuss Valentine's Day, ask why do women get so dressed up for concerts, the Grammys and the eagerly anticipated return of TWD (why is it so slow!).

Direct download: Weekly_20170216.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 11:21pm EST

AoH Weekly 2/8/17

This week we discuss the underwhelming Super Bowl Commercials, Lady Gaga, the upcoming Grammy tribute to Prince and George Michael, 24 Legacy and Iron Fist.  Tune in!!

Direct download: Weekly_20170208.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 10:25pm EST

AoH Weekly 1/25/17

This week we discuss possible meanings of "The Last Jedi", a new X-Men series, Trump, the new XXX movie and Dra-Lo.

Direct download: Weekly_20170125.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 8:52pm EST

Ep 82:  The HELM Awards 2016

2017 is here so that means it's time for the Agents to hand out the Helmies!!!  We will select the best and worst Movies, Music and TV Shows of 2016.  We'll also touch on some of the disappointments and shockers of 2016.

Direct download: The_Helm_Awards.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 8:54pm EST

Ep 81: The Lust Show

In latest installment of Johanna's "Seven Deadly Sins" series, the Agents and special guest erotica author Delilah Night talk all things lust. We break down our favorite sex scenes and euphemisms (Slytherin in the...what?), and Delilah talks about all things erotica, including some exciting projects on the way. Be sure to check out the erotica anthology "Coming Together: Under the Mistletoe", available now on Amazon, as well as "Capturing the Moment," Delilah's solo work. You can also find her at

Direct download: The_Lust_Show.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 7:45am EST

Ep 80: The Politics Show

With this being the week of the Presidential Election the Agents will be looking back at some of our favorite political movies and tv shows.  We even elect our first  AoH President!

Direct download: The_Politics_Show.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:34pm EST

Weekly 10/26/16: TWD S07E01 - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

TWD Season 7 is finally here!!!  And the Agents are ready to break down the premiere.  Who gets to meet Lucille up close and personal, did TWD lose fans after this episode and where does Rick and the crew go from here? 

Direct download: Weekly_20161026.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 12:42am EST

Ep 79: New York Comic Con 2016

The Agents attended New York Comic Con aka Geek Heaven!!  If you weren't able to attend this year get your fix here.  We discuss the different panels we attended, purchases, celebrity meetings and crowd control.

Direct download: NYCC_2016.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:55pm EST

Ep 78:  The Stranger Things Podcast

Joe, Johanna, McKenna & Malik are back in the studio!!!  It's been a long, busy summer for the Agents of H.E.L.M. It's been AT LEAST 2 months since we've all been together on the same podcast.  It had to be something special to bring the squad back together...Enter Netflix's Stranger Things to put everything back into perspective...

What did the Agents think about the show?  Who was our favorite character? What was the monster REALLY?  All these topics and more covered by your favorite foursome of Geekdom...Enjoy and we promise to get back to you with more episodes weekly!!!!

Facebook -

Twitter - @agentsofhelm

New website coming soon!


Direct download: AoH_Stranger_Things_Complete_v2.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:58pm EST

AoH at the Movies: Suicide Squad

The Agents review the latest installment into DC Universe; Suicide Squad.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!  We will be discussing major plot points as wells as whether the critics got it right.

Direct download: AoH_at_the_Movies.Suicide_Squad.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 12:15am EST

Ep 77: SDCC '16 Trailers

This week the Agents take a look at some of the trailers released at SDCC '16.  Some of these trailers include Justice League, Wonder Women, Lego Batman and American Gods.

Direct download: SDCC_Trailers.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 10:53pm EST

AoH at the Movies: Batman: The Killing Joke

This week we discuss the latest DC animated feature Batman: The Killing Joke which is based on the graphic novel of the same name.  What do we think of the Batgirl controversy and how does it hold up to the source material.

Direct download: AoH_at_the_Movies.Batman_TKJ.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 1:06am EST

Weekly 6/28/16: GoT S06E10 - The Winds of WInter (Season Finale)

This week the Agents recap the GoT Season 6 Finale "The Winds of Winter".  Jon Snow's mom revealed, Arya's making pie de Frey, the High Sparrow is on Fire and Daenerys is finally sea bound!

Direct download: GoT_Season_6_Finale.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 8:26pm EST

Weekly 6/14/16: GoT S06E08 - No One

This week we recap GoT S06E08 "No One".  Arya has a showdown with the Waif, the Hound goes all John Wick on the Brotherhood w/o Banners, Cersei plans go awry, Brienne and Jamie reunite and Meereen is under attack!

Direct download: Weekly_20160614.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 9:16am EST

This week we discuss GoT S06E07 "The Broken Man".  We get another character return from the past, Jon and Sansa go on a recruiting trip, Jamie and Bronn try to catch a Blackfish and Arya gets shanked!

Direct download: Weekly_20160607.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 6:34pm EST

Weekly 6/1/16: GoT S06E06 - Blood of My Blood

COLDHANDS!!  This week the Agents review GoT S06E06 "Blood of My Blood".  Uncle Benjen returns, Arya is too through with being an Assassin, King Tommen will do anything for love and Gilly meets the parents.

Direct download: Weekly_20160601.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 8:14am EST

Weekly 5/24/16: GoT S06E05 - The Door

This week the Agents discuss the latest character casualty of GoT S06E05 "The Door".  Sansa gives Little Finger the finger and Arya is a girl who doesn't like the theater. 

Direct download: Weekly_20160524.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 11:01pm EST

AoH at the Movies: Captain America Civil War

UNDEROOS! This week we discuss the MCU latest installment Captain America Civil War.  Iron Man and Cap come to a philosophical standoff which force them to split apart.  Now our remaining heroes must choose a side.  Whose side are you on?

Direct download: AoH_at_the_Movies.Civil_War.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 9:16am EST

Weekly 5/18/16: GoT Season 6 So Far!

After a month hiatus the Agents return with a GoT season 6 breakdown.  We discuss what we love and hate through the first 4 episodes of season 6. 

Direct download: Weekly_20160518.mp3
Category:Game of Thrones -- posted at: 11:07pm EST

Weekly 4/18/16: Fear TWD S02E02 - We All Fall Down

This week our crew of survivors dock on an island only to find the inhabitants are survivalists.  This probably will not turn out well.  Tune in to our recap of Fear TWD S02E02 "We All Fall Down" to find out!

Direct download: Weekly_20160418.mp3
Category:Fear the Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:16pm EST

Weekly 4/12/16: Fear TWD S02E01 - Monster (Season Premiere)

Zombies at sea, Zombies swim!  How could the Agents resist breaking down the season 2 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead.  Tune in to hear our thoughts on the 2nd best zombie show on TV.

Direct download: Weekly_20160412.mp3
Category:Fear the Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:42pm EST

Weekly 4/5/16: TWD S06E16 - Last Day on Earth (Season Finale)

The Agents breakdown the TWD season 6 finale. Discuss the reactions to the heavily criticized ending. Also, who are the guys in the football equipment? 

Direct download: Weekly_20160405.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:14pm EST

From Steven Avery to OJ Simpson, Caylee Anthony to Jon Benet Ramsey, real life crime dramas have a way of grabbing the collective attention of society.  We are engrossed with the lives of these ordinary people in extraordinary situations.  In tonight's episode, Agent Malik opens up the precinct along with Agents Joe, McKenna and return guest Taylor for a AoH deep dive into the world of true crime dramas.  Listen as we focus on Netflix' winter smash series Making a Murderer, talk about where why and how society thrives on voyeurism, talk about our favorite murder mysteries and cast the movie with living (and dead) actors of our choosing.


It's a deadly good time...ENJOY!!!!

Direct download: Making_A_Murderer_Full_Show.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:05pm EST

Weekly 3/30/16: TWD S06E15 - East

We recap TWD S06E15 "East". Some of the TWD's main characters find themselves in some trouble, especially Daryl!  Carol also reverts back to her old ways and by that I mean she KILLS! Find out why Malik no longer wants to see apples.  Tune in and check it out.

Direct download: Weekly_20160330.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:00am EST

AoH at the Movies: Batman vs Superman

This episode the Agents review the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman.  We'll share our thoughts on the film and let you know whether it's worth your time or not.  We also debate the worst super hero films as well as rank the batman and superman movies.

Direct download: AoH_at_the_Movies.BvS.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 11:20pm EST

Weekly 3/23/16: TWD S06E14 - Twice as Far

This week we cover the transformations of Denise, Eugene and Carol in the latest episode of TWD S06E14 "Twice as Far".  Malik also shares his thoughts on the passing of Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg. 

Direct download: Weekly_20160323.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:36am EST

Weekly 3/2/16: TWD S06E11 - Knots Untie

This week we recap TWD S06E11 - Knots Untie.  Rick and the crew's world gets bigger as they make a trip to the Hilltop.  Abraham is in love with 2 women and Richoone is a thing!

Direct download: Weekly_20160302.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:07pm EST

Weekly 2/22/16: TWD S06E10 - The Next World

This week we recap TWD S06E10 - The Next World.  We only need one word to describe this episode and that's JESUS!  The beloved character from the comics finally makes his TWD debut.  

Direct download: Weekly_20160222.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:57pm EST

Weekly 2/15/16: TWD S06E09 - No Way Out

Welcome back TWD!  Join us as we recap S06E09 "No Way Out".  Rick and the rest of the crew have their hands full with Zombiemania in Alexandria.  Does anyone bite the dust next?  Tune in to find out!

Direct download: Weekly_20160215.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:53pm EST

Ep 75: Never Have I Ever

Join the Agents as they share unthinkable new experiences.  We don't stop there! Mckenna has us play a few rounds of Never Have I Ever and Malik drinks himself into oblivion. Tune in and listen!

Direct download: Never_Have_I_Ever.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 11:13pm EST

AoH at the Movies: Star Wars TFA

It's been a month since Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the theaters.  Now is the perfect time for the Agents to review TFA without worrying about spoilers!  We give our pros and cons for the 8th installment of the Star Wars series.  Will you agree with our views or turn to the dark side?  Tune in to find out!

Direct download: Star_Wars_TFA_Review.mp3
Category:Movies -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

Ep 74: The Christmas Show!

It's the most wonderful time of year which means it's time for another AoH Christmas Show!  Join us a we discuss the different phases of Christmas and how to handle them.  We also share our different traditions and embarrassing Christmas moments.  Tune in to find out which agent really hates the movie Christmas Story!

Direct download: Christmas_Show.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 4:23pm EST

It's been 10 years, 6 months, and 29 days since the last Star Wars premiere (but who's counting?), and on today's episode, the Agents delve into what makes this film franchise so much fun for all ages.  Listen as our newly initiated Sith members Darth Dara, Disco & Sion and lone Jedi Morjo Aqbro (otherwise known as McKenna, Johanna, Malik and Joe) talk old school Star Wars, what they are excited about in the new era (new badass Kylo-Ren!) and stick around for a hilariously easy trivia game where their fandom and integrity are tested.  Will the Jedi survive the newest Sith conspiracy?


We're ready for Star Wars...are you?

Direct download: Star_Wars_Show_FINAL2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:37am EST

Weekly 12/1/15: TWD S06 Fall Finale, Into the Badlands S01E03 and Creed

This week we break down the TWD season 6 Fall Finale.  Did it live up to the hype?  Quinn and the Widow finally cross swords in Into the Badlands.  And Creed wins the belt for the weekend box office, but is it worth your time?  Tune in to find out!

Direct download: Weekly_20151201.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:47pm EST

Weekly 11/24/15: TWD S06E07, Into the Badlands S01E02 and Mockingjay Part2

This week we discuss the latest episodes of the Walking Dead and Into the Badlands.  Malik gives a spoiler free review of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Direct download: Weekly_20151124.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:26pm EST

Weekly 11/16/15: TWD S06E06 - Always Accountable and Into The Badlands S01E01

This week we breakdown the most recent TWD episode "Always Accountable" as well as the heavily anticipated pilot episode of Into the Badlands.  Daryl tries to do the right thing and gets burned.  And we also get introduced to clipper kung fu master Sonny! Tune in to listen to our recaps.

Direct download: Weekly_20151116.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:37pm EST

Weekly 11/13/15: The Walking Dead S06E05 - Now

Join us as we recap the latest Walking Dead episode "Now".  Maggie and Aaron set out on a quest to find Glenn, Spencer prevents a pantry raid using only his words and Rick and Tara find love, but not with each other.  

Direct download: Weekly_20151113.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 7:45am EST

Ep 72: Back to the Last Dragon Club

Join us as we celebrate 30 years of the Last Dragon, Breakfast Club and Back to the Future.  Why do we still love the Last Dragon?  Is the Breakfast Club still relevant? Could Matthew Broderick been a better Marty McFly?  We discuss all the above and more so tune in and listen!!

Direct download: BTTLDC.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 10:41am EST

Weekly 11/2/15: The Walking Dead S06E04 - Here's Not Here

Check out this week's recap where we learn about Morgan's mysterious past.  As well as what made him a peaceful broomstick wielding Aikido master who refuses to kill.  

Direct download: Weekly_20151102.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 10:49pm EST

Weekly 10/26/15: The Walking Dead S06E03 - Thank You

With the zombie hoard gaining on Rick and the crew who will survive and who will become a statistic on the Talking Dead?  Tune in to find out as we recap the latest TWD episode "Thank You". 

Direct download: Weekly_20151026.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:00pm EST

Ep 71: Rise of the Female Hero

Join us in our discussion about the piece Katie Couric did about the Rise of the Female Superhero.  We also give our opinions on the Supergirl pilot.  We'll let you know if  it  is as good as the other hero based shows.  Which female heroes deserve their own movie?  We'll give you list of the ones we would like to see.

Direct download: Rise_of_the_Female_Hero.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:02am EST

Weekly 10/19/15: The Walking Dead S06E02 - JSS

This week we discuss the most recent episode of the Walking Dead "JSS".  The Wolves finally show their teeth, but Carol strikes back!  

Direct download: Weekly_20151019.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 9:07am EST

Weekly 10/13/15: Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere

This week we recap the eagerly anticipated premiere of the Walking Dead Season 6.  Was it worth the wait?  Tune in to find out!

Direct download: Weekly_201501013.mp3
Category:The Walking Dead -- posted at: 12:21am EST

Weekly 10/6/15: Fear the Walking Dead S01E06 (Season Finale)

This week the Agents tackle the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead and expectations for The Walking Dead season 6.

Direct download: Weekly_201501006.mp3
Category:Fear the Walking Dead -- posted at: 11:18pm EST

Weekly 9/28/15: Fear the Walking Dead S01E05 and Fall Show Review

This week we tackle FWD's latest episode "Cobalt" and some of the new fall shows that have premiered this season.  Should you go all in on Wesley Snipes new show the Player?  Did Heroes really need to be Reborn?  Is Quantico the FBI version of Grey's Anatomy?  Will the Daily show reach new heights with Trevor Noah?  Tune in and find out what the Agents think!

Direct download: Weekly_20150928.mp3
Category:Fear the Walking Dead -- posted at: 6:52pm EST

Weekly 9/21/15: Fear the Walking Dead S01E04

Join us as we discuss the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead "Not Fade Away".

Direct download: Weekly_20150921.mp3
Category:Fear the Walking Dead -- posted at: 12:04am EST

Weekly 9/14/15: The Visit and Fear the Walking Dead

Is M. Night Shyamalan's latest movie, The Visit, another bomb or a must see?  We will let you know whether you should visit the theater or not!  We also discuss Fear the Walking Dead.  Three episodes in, is it worth watching and does it have the staying power of it's predecessor the Walking Dead?  As always the Agents will give their opinions.  Tune in and check it out!

Direct download: Weekly_20150914.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:02am EST

Ep 70: Pet Peeves

This week's show is all about Pet Peeves.  You know those things that you find so annoying.  The things that really irk you like traffic, man spreading, people who take up 2 seats, people who laugh too hard and people who use their cell phone in the theater.  The agents have so many pet peeves.  Who knew!

Direct download: Pet_Peeves.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 10:07pm EST

Ep 69: Greed

We seek to answer this question in Part 2 of Johanna's 7 deadly sins series. The agents put their taste for excess to the test--whether it's personal money holders, golden yachts, or the songs that made us want more, more, more! Take your (fake) fur coat out of the closet, put on one of your eighty (Chinatown) rolexes, and sit on your gold (plated) throne because you deserve to unleash your inner Rick Ross! 

Direct download: Greed.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 9:03pm EST

Ep 68: The Animation Show Part 2

This week's episode is a continuation of Ep 67:The Life and Times of a Professional Animator.  After our discussion with animator Jim Brown we dive into animation and cartoons in general.  

Direct download: Animation_Part_2.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 8:23am EST

AoH at the Movies: Fantastic Four

This week the Agents put down...Um I mean review The Fantastic Four.  Is it as bad as the critics say it is?  Tune in to find out!

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AoH at the Movies: MI5 - Rogue Nation

The Agents discuss the fifth installment of the MI franchise Rogue Nation as well as Ronda Rousey's dominance in UFC 190.  Tune in and check it out!

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Ep 67: The Life and Times of a Professional Animator

Thanks to McKenna's awesome hook up, this week's episode includes an up close and personal look into the mind of current Professional Animator Jim Brown. Hear Jim discuss everything from personal inspirations and past projects to the crazy road leading to the 'big show' as a professional animator.. 

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Ep. 66 Gluttony

Get ready for a whole lot of sinning! Part 1 in the Agents' "Seven Sins" series is GLUTTONY. What is your last meal wish? What do you eat when you have those drunk munchies? Pick your poisons--limoncello, the finest cognac, and everything in between. Listen to some of our favorite ways to get our glutton on (What kind of drunk is Johanna?), and share your own in the comments!

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Ep. 66: Gluttony

Get ready for a whole lot of sinning! Part 1 in the Agents' "Seven Sins" series is GLUTTONY. What is your last meal wish? What do you eat when you have those drunk munchies? Pick your poisons--limoncello, the finest cognac, and everything in between. Listen to some of our favorite ways to get our glutton on (What kind of drunk is Johanna?), and share your own in the comments!

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AoH At The Movies: Ant-Man and Minions

This week's episode Johanna and Joe review Marvel's latest hit Ant-Man and Universal's Minions.  We will provide "Just the facts" in our reviews.  Should you see it or skip it?  Tune in to find out! 

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SDCC Movie/TV Trailers

Last week a lot of new movie and tv trailers premiered at San Diego Comic Con and the Agents are all over it!  Batman and Superman rumble, Apocalypse causes young Charles Xavier to lose his hair, we finally see the Merc with a mouth and don't worry the Joker's not going to kill you he's just going to hurt you really really bad!  Why should we Fear the Walking Dead?  And are Rick and Morgan getting ready for a showdown?  Tune in and find out.

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AoH at The Movies: Terminator Genisys

This week we got a chance to see Terminator Genisys.  Arnie's Back!!! But does he still have it?  Is this 5th installment worth your time?  Why is time travel so confusing?  And finally, can Khaleesi play Sarah Connor?  Tune in to our latest episode to find out!

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AoH at the Movies: Inside Out and Dope

This week Johanna and Joe review two movies that came out this past weekend Dope and Inside Out.  Should you run out to the theater, get the bootleg or wait to watch these movies from home.  Tune in to find out!

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Game of Thrones S05E10: Mother's Mercy (Finale)

The Agents discuss the GoT season 5 finale.  All the cliffhangers and cliff jumpers.  Brienne shows us why Stannis is not the Mannis, Arya becomes one with her inner "Daredevil", Dany is kind of reunited with her people and Jon gets the prison movie treatment.  Want to know more?  Tune into find out!

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Game of Thrones S05E09: The Dance of Dragons

Let's break some hearts and then mend them together with a good ol' fashioned Meereenese slave pit fight and BBQ! Back on the "c-d-e" plot ranch, we question why the Sand Snakes exist, why supposed assassin Arya can't just frickin multitask, why oh why hasn't the ginger orphan from the North died yet, and how we don't have to learn Jason-from-Meereen's real name anymore. Excited, deeply disturbed, or the whole colors of the wind in between, this ep (and our show) will have you wondering just where Ep 10 will take us (no, literally--WHERE IS SHE GOING?!).   

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Ep 65. The Radiolab Podcast Podcast

Radiolab, a radio show and podcast hosted by Jad Ambumrad and Robert Krulwich, is a huge influence on the Agent of H.E.LM. Like radiolab, each week we dive into a different subject, from time travel to mortality to comic book conventions. This week host Lorenzo takes on Radiolab itself. Each agent picked an episode and breaks it down. Malik explores "The Bad Show;" McKenna looks at "Time;" Johanna talks "Words;" and Joe grapples with "La Mancha Screwjob." If you haven't listened to Radiolab and/or the Agents of H.E.L.M. before then prepare your mind because-like a sailer during Fleet Week-it's about to be blown.  

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Weekly 6-1-15: Game of Thrones, Hardhome

We finally get a long-awaited piece of sweet sweet action, and we finally get a long awaited piece of a meeting that leads to devious conversation with dramatic declarations. Some other stuff happened too, mostly consisting of Cersei learning that Sparrow jail has nothing in common with the cushiness of Orange is the New Black, Sansa showing no compassion for rando farmboys, and Arya doing something the payoff of which probably won't happen until Season 17, but no one cares about any of this because Walkers. 

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Weekly 5-29-15. Game of Thrones: The Gift

Things discussed: Gladiator Bootleg; Boobie McGee, "That Girl is Poison," Cersi's comeupance; Sam Gets Some; Natural Causes, Ghost!; Venizen Leftovers; Stanis is the Man-is; Master Plans and Corkscrews; and Why You Should Leave Us a Comment.

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Game of Thrones S05E06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Are there sharks in Westeros? This episode brought us a fight scene so campy it made the A Team look like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and dashed the Agents' high expectations of the Sand Snakes's badassery. The agents discuss the controversial last scene, and debate the question, 'Is Sansa playing the long, long game, or is she another victim of bad writing?" And much much more, just to be able to include a phrase we can thank the English language for: "The dwarf lives until we find a c*ck merchant."

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What happens at Con -- ends up on the internet and talked about it in this ep! For this episode, Agent Jackson of Operation Cubicle Podcast and joins us to talk conventions of all kinds. Come for the crazy con stories (bodily harm! Jason Momoa!), stay for our Absurd and Totally Unrealistic Cosplay Contest! 


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AoH at the Movies: Mad Max Fury Road

This week on AoH at the Movies Malik gets a sneak peek at Mad Max Fury Road.  Without spoiling the film Malik gives us some insight to the "plot" and  Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron's performances.  Also, we discuss how Hardy's Max compares to Mel Gibson's portrayal.  When your at the movies this weekend should you see Mad Max or Avengers?  Tune in to find out!

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Game of Thrones S05E05: Kill the Boy

Grey Worm confesses his love for Missandei.  Jon Snow attempts to form an alliance with the Wildlings.  How does Daenerys' dragons like their humans; bbq'd and torn apart or just bbq'd?  Sansa and Theon reunite.  Oh the JOY!  But, the Boltons are still heartless jerks.  Finally Tyrion sees a dragon and stone people are bad!  Want to hear more about the Game of Thrones?  Tune in!

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Game of Thrones: Sons of the Harpy s5e4

Game of Thrones: Sons of the Harpy proves to be the episode of zealots. We see the Sparrows, Sons of Harpy, Sand Snakes and Melisandre get all agro and pushy. The more level-headed players continue to be level-headed. Tommen says no to bloodshed, Jon says no to sexy time, Daenerys says no to some harmless fighting to the death, Doran says no to war.  But you know all of them are just putting of the enivitable. The agents dive into all of that in this episode of the Weekly Update: Game of Thrones!

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The Avengers 2 2 minute Special

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron blasted its way into theaters Friday and the agents are all over it. This episode is all about Avengers and we're hitting all the major talking points in no particular order (SPOILER ALERT):

  • Trailers
  • Opening Action Sequence
  • Hulk Death Count
  • Death of Quicksilver
  • Birth of Ultron
  • Birth of the Vision
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Hulk-Buster Suit
  • How Hydra Got the Scepter
  • Red Witch Versus the Universe?
  • The Mind Gem

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we're doing it all in two minutes! Well, each topic gets two minutes. So join us for a fast-paced geek-fest as we deep-dive into Age of Ultron!

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Ep 63. The Time Traveling Show!

Hot Tub Time Machines, DeLoreans, Guardians of Forever, phonebooths, TARDIS (or is it TARDI?) or Ellen Page rubbing on your forehead... Whatever your vehicle of choice, hop in it and come along for a ride through the eons. We're going back into the past and then into the future and making a few stops along the way. No fate, but what you make, or is it all already written? Can we change the past for the better or will we just Butterfly Effect it all up? Find out on this exciting episode of the Agents of H.E.L.M. 

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